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Mahou Sensei Negima!


Ten-year-old prodigy Negi Springfield, has just graduated from magic academy, and in order to become a master mage he is sent to Japan to teach English at an all-girls middle school. But Negi has a bigger dream than just becoming a master mage. He wants to find his missing father, "The Thousand Master", the strongest mage that has ever lived. And he soon finds that searching for his father wont be as easy as he first hoped. In fact, it pushes him and his students into life-or-death battles that decides the fate of millions.

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kaito 17:12 - 06/10/2019 Chap 33
does this manga take a change in the plots to come??? or is it going to be always "childish"???....I mean, I know lot of people says it's an excellent manga but i'm already at chapter 33 and it's like going around on differents plots and the story doesn't advance.....said that, I have to recognize that now asuna has that card thing (sakura card capture lol) and characters are fighting a little more
kaito 17:13 - 06/10/2019 Chap 33
maybe I am to impatient
kaito 07:40 - 06/11/2019 Chap 41
well, i asked for the fight and I got it xD
kaito 07:46 - 06/25/2019 Chap 334
what, his father?????
kaito 07:57 - 06/25/2019 Chap 336
well the final battle was over kind of quickly
kaito 11:44 - 06/25/2019 Chap 355
fcking nice
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